The Oasis Effect–the Power of Art and Awe

An oasis refreshes in the moment and it gives us renewed sustenance and strength going forward.

Art does this. Music does this. Enlightened ideas do this. And a shared experience multiplies the goodness through connection, communication, gratitude, and love.

Thinking back, I think the most transcendent moments of my life have been those when I have been engaged in experiencing, by chance or by choice, the spiritual presence and reality of life, through art, music, poetry, and majestic scenes in nature and the cosmos. I think these moments serve to keep us connected with the divine, and poised and uplifted in order to manage trials and help others as well. I think these wondrous times are brought to us straight from God, a gracious gift of the Universe, to remind us of the true essence of Life and its infinite possibilities.

Studies about the effects of “awe” moments on our daily lives confirm my thoughts on this. Researchers have found that experiences of awe cause us to act more benevolently toward others and want to share the experience. We feel something bigger than ourselves and that breaks down boundaries in the scope of what is possible as well as boundaries between one another. We are brought closer by shared awe. In addition, in these moments, time slows down (and who doesn’t need that these days?), and this brings more patience, less materialism, and in general, more mindfulness.

So, the Oasis events are designed to cultivate these moments of spiritual beauty and peace and wonder, and to serve our greater community as well. The soirees raise funds for worthy causes and focus on themes that raise consciousness as well. We hope these gatherings help refresh us all in the waters of divine intention, and make us feel more connected to each other and to the spiritual—the healing light that we all seek and that the world surely needs.

The Oasis Project Presents: “HOPE”

Please come join us for the Oasis Project soirée “HOPE” on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 6-9pm at Soma Vida – Work / Life Balance & Wellness Center. This event will raise donations to help recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey. “All Hands Volunteers, Rebuilding Hope” – The show will feature several local artists, musicians, and energy healers. We also plan to encourage conversations around the evening’s theme, and in general appreciation of the healing and restoring power of the arts.